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About Us

 John Bellacera of BELLACERA KITEBOARDS is a veteran in the Windsport Industry. Issued two US patents in the kiteboarding industry and working R&D for a couple of kite companies has given him a wealth of experience and knowledge. John has an extensive background in architecture and engineering and has been shaping boards since the early 80's.

 Bellacera Kiteboards is a GREEN company using recyclable, renewable products, with manufacturering in the USA.
Surf Twins  can be built with thrusts and a single fin box as an option.
Quad-Fin options for surfboards.

Bottom shapes are Concaved for the Surf Twins and Directionals
Closed cell foam, wood stringer and select woods are used to create the 'woodie construction'. The best epoxies and fiberglass are used for superior bonding and durability.
The WOODIE construction will outlast pretty much any production board out on the market. They are equally as light weight in construction as (production boards), however they produce an amazing amount of smooth drive and hold up session after session.
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